Innovative and ecologically valuable: UC2 STORCH – our new green cartonboard with approx. 25% grass

Searching for ecologically valuable materials, we discovered grass for our cartonboard range. We have replaced a portion of the mechanical pulp in the middle layer of UC2 STORCH with treated grass fibres, resulting in a pure “green” cartonboard with excellent properties. Products from a wide range of industries operating with a green mindset are in good hands with packaging made from UC2 STORCH, including the fashion, shoes, cosmetics, personal hygiene and pharmaceuticals industries. The new cartonboard also helps to fight climate change: with less CO2 during production, as well as reduced energy and water consumption.

  • Grass offers greater ecological benefits than mechanical pulp
  • Grass is local – shorter hauls also mean less CO2 emissions.
  • No recycled fibres, no problematic substances: an ecological product to the core
  • Also suitable for food packaging, meets national and international standards
  • Two grammages with the good handling properties and the Buchmann quality you are used to

Visit the following link for detailed information: UC2 STORCH