Ideal for food packaging: FOOD+ protects food from mineral oil migration

It has been all over the media: Traces of harmful mineral oil components detected in food products. The entire packaging industry is facing a huge challenge. But now Buchmann Karton is able to introduce an effective and sustainable solution: FOOD+ is an innovative process ideally suited for food packaging that renders intermediate packaging, coatings or fresh fibre-based board superfluous.

FOOD+ minimises mineral oil migration to food. The key is a natural mineral component that is integrated into the fibre matrix of our cartonboards. Expensive intermediate packaging, coatings or fresh fibre-based board are a thing of the past. FOOD+ is now.

  • Ensures the quality of food products, helps create a healthy, sustainable brand image
  • Meets food safety standards
  • More economal packaging – no intermediate packaging, no coatings
  • Available in a variety of cartonboard qualities
  • An ecological solution with recycled fibres
  • Typically Buchmann Karton – innovative, sustainable and good for the environment

For more details: GT2 IBIS FOOD+ bzw. GD2 PIROL FOOD+