What packaging manufacturers appreciate about us

Our packaging customers have known our quality for decades and appreciate the reliability of again and again being able to achieve a perfect product. Besides our focus on precise machining in stamping, creasing, notching and printing, we also offer tailored ranges for an excellent print image in digital printing. Various finishing options are available, with embossing, coating, stamping, foil stamping, UV coating, special colours and much more. The different variants in composition and fibre technology are complemented by a range of grammages. Find out more in our technical data sheets.

Can we support you as a team player? Take advantage of the comprehensive expertise of an experienced cardboard manufacturer. We support your teams with on-demand service, from the initial packaging concept to sample sheets to final volume production.


Plus points for product, marketing and brand presence

The primary task of packaging is to protect a product along the entire logistics chain. Of course, secure handling is also important: Quick packing and minimised loss of goods are musts. For branded companies, a quality brand appearance, transportation of the brand image and product information itself are essential. Finally, arguments on the ecology of packaging are playing an ever more important role.

Our modern full cartonboard scores with its excellent workability and high stability. Finished surfaces make for excellent printing results and premium brand images. The use of ecologically safe materials and innovative production processes help transform green packaging into a reality.


For all-round green products

When it comes to “healthy products”, consumers tend to cast a critical eye on the packaging, especially with organic products. Companies and retail make sure that products and packaging meet consumer expectations. At the same time, they strive to remain sustainable across the entire production chain.

The packaging of organic foods usually receives special attention. Above all, no harmful substances should be passed on to the product by the packaging. Buchmann offers an innovative product for this specific application: FOOD+, the new method protecting foods in cartonboard packaging from mineral oil migration. This gives customers the certainty that they are buying a healthy, pure product.